Tech firms collide as personal shoppers invade your private jet

There’s simply no time for shopping in the whirlwind life of jetsetter. That’s why you should be having your clothes brought to you on your private plane. Duh!

Stratajet, a private jet booking platform, has partnered with tailored shopping service Dappad, a personal shopping service. The partnership allows Dappad stylists to bring outfits that match the customers’ personal style directly to your private jet flight to try on in the air.

The service took its maiden flight this month in London.

“Like Stratajet, Dappad understands that time should be spent wisely and therefore offers an effortless and personal shopping experience,” Dappad CEO Erika Nilsson-Humphrey. “Our stylists make choosing a wardrobe easy, selecting collections of clothes designed to suit the tastes of the stylish, modern man, and ultimately make him look the best as he goes about his busy life.”

So once you’ve completed your Dappad profile and boarded your jet, the “fixed base operator” responsible for the jet will handle any clothes customers don’t want, making it completely hassle free.

After a few months of the royal treatment, however, these folks might get off on a little inconvenience. Picking up dry cleaning will have never felt so thrilling.