Terrence Howard to owe unpaid rent following lawsuit

From left: Terrence Howard (with Oprah Winfrey) in “The Butler,” and Lloyd Goldman

Actor Terrence Howard, best known for appearing in the movies “Hustle & Flow” and “Iron Man,” likely owes thousands in back rent after his former landlord Lloyd Goldman’s BLDG Management Company evicted him from his West Broadway apartment in May.

BLDG alleged that Howard owed nearly $52,000 in unpaid rent, and sought that amount in a subsequent lawsuit, TMZ reported. He moved into the apartment in November 2011, refused to pay rent for several months and refused to vacate after his lease expired the following November, the suit alleged.

Howard did not attend the court hearing on the matter. The judge entered a default judgment of favor of the plaintiff, and has set another hearing to decide the amount Howard owes in rent, the website said. [TMZ]Mark Maurer

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