Rare book thief with good taste hits Upper East Side shop

Forget the fleets of ice cream thieves: the real thief of the summer is this man, who wore bright, red pants and chatted on the phone whilst he committed his crime.

According to DNA Info, the man (who literally looks like a bad guy in a movie) stole two books from the Upper East Side bookstore, PRPH Books. The thief had good taste: the two titles were worth a total of $20,000 (one is Tibertide Chyromantion Hainz, which was worth $4,900, and the other is Champer Duelluh Lyon and is worth $15,509).

He apparently stuffed the books inside a “soft briefcase” and then scooted out of the door. The footage the NYPD released shows him talking on his cell phone as he left the elevator. [DNA Info]