Luxury gas station with private club coming to Greenwich

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Ever dreamed of a gas station with less pumps and more purses? You’re in luck. Households boasting a net worth of at least $50 million will soon be able to apply to join a luxury gas and convenience store chain where amenities are set to include a waterpark, a steakhouse, and designer stores.

Greenwich, Connecticut will be the location for one of the world’s first “GP Club’s”, reports Greenwich Time.

At the four story, mansion-style gas station, a valet and concierge will meet arriving motorists and the first level will host the convenience store and a dining room. Employees will service guests’ cars during their visit, which includes gas and a hand wash and wax, while presumably the car’s owners enjoy a shop, a steak, and a swim.

Not only will prospective members have to meet the net worth requirement, they will have to pay an undisclosed annual fee for the exclusive membership program.

According to Greenwich Time, residents should expect to see a GP Club added within the next year. [Greenwich Time]

  • WannaBeLandlord

    Will never be built. Idk where they will even find the land to accomidate it in Greenwich.


    Reads like the coke-fueled fever dream of a trust fund kid.

    • WannaBeLandlord


  • realtyreality

    not happening, ridiculous story that should have been vetted properly. Next…

  • AdvancedVisualisation

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