Fashion editors are selling their free swag on eBay for huge profits

Journalists who attend events get a lot of free crap. And if you’re inclined toward the Marie Kondo way of life, then it is only natural that you might want to rid yourself of some of it, handing random pens, notebooks, electronic wine openers that you get gifted off to friends, roommates, parents, homeless people, etc.

Fashion journalists, however, don’t just receive random items as swag, they receive random items with a designer label on them as swag. And now, these ladies (and we assume a few men) have started selling said swag on eBay and other consignment sites — for a nice little profit.

Yeezy Season 3 windbreakers, for instance, which select fashion editors received as part of their invites to the fashion show, were selling on the RealReal for as much as $300-a-pop. A Jeremy Scott tote bag with 80’s cartoon characters printed on it was going for $700. “The most desirable stuff is pre-production or exclusive merch,” one fashion editor told the Post.

Of course while re-gifting isn’t exactly the most kosher practice, the brands don’t necessarily mind because it keeps them relevant and increases their exposure. “Fashion-show swag and other commercial gifts are given to be Instagrammed,” says the director of the Fashion Law Institute at Fordham, “What [an editor] actually does with the gift afterward is irrelevant.” [NYP]