Trump’s new hotel is serving rare wines by the spoonful


A spoonful of sugar may help the medicine go down, but we aren’t sure a spoonful of wine will help anyone do anything.

And yet, Donald Trump, at his new International Hotel in DC, is indeed serving fine wines by the spoonful, which range in price from $15 to an incredible $140. The idea is that patrons can sample rare wines for accessible prices — that $140-a-spoon wine is a 2007 Royal Tokaji Essencia (“the truest expression of terroir known to man,” according to the brand’s website) that will set you back $2,250-a-bottle at the hotel normally. So we guess it’s a good idea, kind of?

It’s a little pomp-and-circumstance, but in a playful way,” one editor at the Washingtonian who spooned with Trump said. 

Beyond the spoons, though, the scene at the hotel, which opened on Monday, seems rather bizarre: protestors march out front, while other Trump supporters wander around the lobby in “Make America Great Again” caps and order “hipster fries” from the hotel bar (“shoestring potatoes slathered in parmesan, beef jerky, and Shishito peppers”).

Strange for sure, but if Trump wins this could be a glimpse into what the future of America will be. And we’re going to need more than a spoonful of wine to get us through it. [Washingtonian]




  • coolobserver

    If Americans are that stupid, that ignorant, or that desperate to even stay in one of his hotels, not to mention buying wine by the spoonful or even voting for this fake, phony, arrogant and blustering, vacuous fraud who talks big vagaries, points fingers at scapegoats and sells his name to make a living –well, that is prostitution incarnate, corporate corruption, media manipulation and plain old worst of what America never wanted to stand for. Republicans now will be able to complete the downward spiral begun under Reagan of the metamorphosis of the United States into a true banana republic with economic disparities, corporate masters, a subservient, spineless government with class, race and intellectual warfare. Germany endlessly proclaimed and wallowed in its self proclaimed exceptionalism and xenophobia and look where that got them.