21-year-old named “Mr. Grey” throws fancy party to showcase his $350K bongs

Sebastian Keitel, Tess Brokaw, Jeremy Platt

Bongs ain’t just for teenage stoners living in their parents’ garages anymore.

On Sunday, a 21-year-old “mysterious” fellow calling himself “Mr. Grey” (no, not that one) threw a party at his West Village gallery, Grey Space Art, for “artists, designers, models, media and NY’s elite” to celebrate the opening of its first show: a display of extremely expensive glass bongs and pipes priced between $5,000 to $300,000.


Not for your typical stoner, of course, and guests at the party, which was held in Mr. Grey’s private West Village townhouse perused the glass “art” on display while sipping champagne from Tattinger 06 and eating sushi from Azabu. Among the notable guests in attendance were the Parisian DJ Breakbot [Thibault Berland],  Michelle Ouellet, Jeremy Pratt, Sophie Lasry, Phil Seigel, Joe Peters, Jeff Carvelho, Karen Gallo, Sarah Klausing, Hanksy, Charles Shedden, Domingo Zapata, Nick Hadad, Harif Guzman, Faust, Laurence Chandler & Joshua Cooper [Rochambeau], Hannah Elliot, Dexter Love and co-hosts Dria Murphy, Laura Baker & Christine Su.

Constance White
Thibaut Berland
Josh Beckerman
Josh Beckerman

While, yes, the idea of a $350,000 bong does seem completely ridiculous to us, apparently that is only because we do not have as sophisticated an eye as Mr. Grey. According to the press release, “while the common eye may only see the end use, “ Mr. Grey’s” foremost intention is to showcase these incredible achievements in the glass medium and for these pieces to live as sculptures.”

Mr. Grey himself
Mr. Grey himself

What Mr. Grey really seems to be interested in, though, is cultivating an air of mystery around himself. His own press release reads like an excerpt from a bad romance novel. “At just 21-years of age, not much is known about “Mr. Grey” except for his tenacity and fresh approach to the art industry.”

Well, based on the fact that Mr. Grey is 21 and has his own West Village townhouse, two things we feel we can deduce is that 1) this “mysterious” man probably has some serious cash and 2) is interested in pot. Sounds like a typical New York twenty-something to us.

Once again
  • BH

    who dressed this fool?

    What’s hilarious is there is no real $350K bong. it’s a valuation given by the sale.

    The materials do not cost that much. my friend blows serious glass pieces back home in Washington. his shop owner did a collaboration on a project that sold for $100K. they spent a fair amount of time, but overall materials were not anywhere near that price.
    It’s what people are willing to pay.

    apparently this kid had his daddy hand him a ton of money so he can buy overpriced glass. For $350K he could have learned to blow his own glass and put it on display.

  • Drew Hamilton

    These people are some of the douchiest people I’ve ever come across.

    • Drew Hamilton

      Very douchey (sp?).