You can now buy Harry Potter’s house on Privet Drive


If buying Daniel Radcliffe’s childhood home in London was not enough to satisfy the most avid Harry Potter fans, perhaps they would like to consider the home that stood in for 4 Privet Drive in the film version instead.


That house, which was used in the first film (subsequent films used a set), has gone on the market for a very modest £475,000 (about $620,000), and comes with three bedrooms and a fairly large garden. Located in Martins Heron, Bracknell, it last sold for £290,000 (about $378,000) in 2010, so this is a rather big price increase.


Of course, the Dursley’s house was never supposed to be nice, exactly. Harry was forced to sleep in a cupboard under the stairs filled with spiders. Thankfully, the real house looks considerably nicer than the one in the film, and according to the listing, demand is so high that they are holding a “Launch Day” this Saturday for interested parties. [Daily Mail]