Wives unknown: Anthony Bourdain and Ottavia Busia divorce

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After years eating his way though the Congo, Malaysia, and Detroit, our favorite no-bullshit foodie adventurer is officially separating from his wife after a decade of marriage.

giphyLife on the road is hard and sources told the New York Post that Bourdain, who recently won an Emmy, and his MMA fighter wife Ottavia Busia, have been “separated for a while.”

True to his notorious wild side their “first date was to a cigar bar; their second was to [NYC restaurant] Masa. A few dates later, they had matching tattoos (of a chef’s knife) put on their shoulders. And after a few more dates, they married,” according to a New York Times profile. Later the couple got matching snake tattoos in Miami, according to the Post.

Don’t Look Back

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“Because of professional decisions we both have made, my husband and I have been for years in an unconventional relationship,” Busia told the Post. “Nothing has changed. We love each other. We respect the decisions the other has made. And we’ll always consider ourselves a family.”

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The holidays are the only times when he’s home,” because of his intense travel schedule for “Parts Unknown,” Busia added.

Busia recently wrote in Lena Dunham’s “Lenny Letter,” “My husband half-jokes that he married Sophia Loren but ended up with Jean-Claude Van Damme.”

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