Here’s what saleswomen in luxury department stores really think about you


Ever wonder what the saleswoman selling you your $15,000 handbag is really thinking?

In an interview with the Daily, a saleswoman at one of the “best-performing stores” on Madison Avenue is remarkably candid about her work, dishing on everything from lying to customers rather than suggesting they get a bigger size (“If you even hint that perhaps a 42 would be more flattering, you might lose the sale. I’m not above gushing at something that looks like it’s going to come apart at the seams”) to admitting she doesn’t really care about her customer’s problems — but she’ll care about it enough for the sale (“It’s nice to get to know clients over the years, but you really just want to see the Centurion card come out”).

Though both the name of the woman and the store she works for is redacted, some choice clues about the past and present creative directors are pretty revealing about what brand it is (hint: it rhymes with Tucci).

Some more choice quotes below:

“Some of the gay associates have an advantage with the Park Avenue women who want ‘a gay.’ I try not to let that bother me.”

“I recently had a woman who bought the same sweaters for her house in New York and her house in Aspen. Must be nice!”

“One of my regulars spent $85,000 in one sitting. Some associates have had sales north of a million! I would have thrown up in their face out of gratitude. It’s a bit like playing the lottery every day.”

Read the full interview on the Daily Front Row here.