This video shows you exactly what you’re missing in first class

Every once in a blue moon, the airline gods bestow a magical gift upon random members of the lower classes: an upgrade to first class.

In the case of “YouTube personality” Casey Neistat, Emirates bumped him up from a modest $5,000 business class seat to a $21,000- first class seat during his 14-hour flight from Dubai to New York. Naturally, being a YouTube star, Neistat filmed his whole experience, and now a video exists to show all the poor plebs out there exactly what we’re missing crammed in coach.

Among the perks Neistat records on his journey? Doors that section his room off from the rest of the plane, a pop up vanity with fabulous skincare items, a button that closes the window shades, a giant touchscreen TV, a pop-up motorized bar, a menu with caviar and 21-year old scotch, lots of goodies, a chair that turns into a bed (complete with a flight attendant to make said bed), a five-minute shower and, perhaps most enviable of all, legroom. Lots and lots and lots and lots of legroom.