Angelina Jolie is renting a $95k-a-month Malibu compound to hide in during her divorce

Angelina Jolie is renting a home in Malibu (photo credit: Foreign and Commonwealth Office)

Though the breakup of Brangelina may have seemed sudden to the larger world, Angelina Jolie herself seems to have been planning the divorce for a while now.

The proof? According to the Daily Mail, the movie star rented a $95,000-a-month compound in Malibu three weeks before filing for divorce.

The 4,409-square-foot home has five bedrooms, five bathrooms and is worth an estimated $12 million. It is in a gated community, making it difficult for anyone (read: paparazzi) to spy on Jolie as she hides out with her six children.

As if the gate was not enough protection, Jolie has a bodyguard stationed out front and has sent her assistant around Malibu to gather things for her and her family while she waits inside. The house also comes with ample tree coverage, though there is a path down to the beach for when they all get tired of being trapped in the luxurious bunker. [DailyMail]