Someone paid $44K at auction to own Truman Capote’s ashes

Truman Capote (Image Credit : Moscot via Wikimedia)
Truman Capote (Image Credit : Moscot via Wikimedia)

Truman Capote may have been dead for 36 years, but that’s not put a dampener on his adventures.

As part of Julien’s Auctions “Icons & Idols” sale, the novelist’s ashes, stored in a Japanese wooden box, sold for $43,750 to an anonymous buyer.

After Capote’s death in 1984, his ashes were reportedly divided up between Capote’s partner, Jack Dunphy, and Joanne Carson his close friend and the ex-wife of Johnny Carson. The ashes that sold were Carson’s share.

Capote's ashes (Image Credit : Julien's Auctions)
Capote’s ashes (Image Credit : Julien’s Auctions)

Julien’s Auctions president Darren Julien told the Guardian that, “with some celebrities this wouldn’t be tasteful, but I know 100% he would love it”.

“Truman told Joanne that he didn’t want his ashes to sit on a shelf. So this is a different way of honoring his request. It is just furthering the adventures of Truman Capote.” Julien said.

The sale, which took place on September 23 and 24, also featured Capote’s prescription pill bottles, along with some of his clothes, books, and letters. [The Guardian]