These superstar-designed homes are now on sale for just $300K

The penthouse apartment at Zaha Hadid’s 520 West 28th Street is currently listed for $50 million — far out of the realm of possibility for most people. But now, it is possible to buy work designed by the late starchitect (as well as by a slew of other renowned designers) for very affordable prices.

A new company, Revolution Pre-Crafted, is selling pre-fabricated homes designed by some of the most famous architects and designers in the world for prices averaging just $300,000 (that does not include the cost of land or the site preparation).

Though there is no actual home from Hadid, you can buy a dining pavilion she designed before she died, which looks like a place where aliens would gather to discuss taking over the world. “It’s an art piece, it’s sculptural, and it’s functional,” the developer behind the project told Fast Company. Judge for yourself:


Another home was designed by Alan Ritchie and was inspired by Philip Johnson’s famed glass house, which apparently enhances “the living experience by being immersed in your natural surroundings.” Sure seems peaceful.


Lighting designer Tom Dixon’s home was “conceived more as an industrial product than an attempt at architecture,” which explains why it looks as unfriendly as it does. We can picture using this space, but never living in it.


You can check out the rest of the designs here.