Two billionaires got married this weekend with a lavish, surreal (and armed) ceremony

Too many men, too little time 👰🏽💍 #tolby

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When billionaires get married there’s — predictably — much, much more of everything. More food, more flowers, more expensive champagne, more celebrities and more security.

That was certainly the case at Alberto Mugrabi and Colby Jordan’s wedding, which happened this past weekend at the Hôtel du Cap Eden-Roc in the French RivieraMugrabi, 46, is the son of the Israeli billionaire art collector Jose Mugrabi, and Jordan, 23, is the daughter of banking billionaire John W. Jordan II. It’s a match made in capitalist heaven.

Naturally, the lavish wedding — which reportedly cost $5 million — attracted the most elite guests, including the toasts of the fashion world (the wedding happened on the day between Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks, which is why they were able to attend). Among the famous faces we spotted are Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Karlie Kloss, Owen Wilson, Princess Beatrice and NYC developer Aby Rosen (he snapped a photo of his son, Baker).

Night one!

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Because of the high-profile and well-moneyed guest list, security at the wedding was super tight, and Jordan even sent a letter to guests in July stating: “between midday on Thursday . . . and midafternoon on Sunday . . . the safest place on the planet will be Hotel Du Cap.” As a result, guests had to carry ID cards and deal with legions of armed guards.

When you realize you’re getting married this weekend… 😳

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The one rule that none of the guests seemed to have followed? The ban on social media, which is why we are thankfully able to provide these Instagram pics of the events for you below. Enjoy.

Wedding crashers (and burners)

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my wedding date 😘

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Hi , I am baker the new wedding crasher

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the beauty and the @ticotheshark

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  • BH

    the proper title would have been

    “Billionaire’s children wed”

    These kids haven’t amassed billions

  • Мариша

    He looks like her farther…. 46??? He looks 10 years older!

  • Мариша


  • Chanan Grossman

    why the heck is this real estate news???? its friggin’ tabloid gossip!!!! oh yeah, its the real deal….I forgot……..they ARE a friggin’ tabloid!!

  • Sensitive RAB Guy

    bride & groom pic looks like a kidnapping…

  • Emuo Blu

    5 million dollars my you know what. I have been to weddings that spent 200K and they looked way more impressive then that. If they are marrying for money and not love, as it seems by their instagram pics, this article and comments, then it will not last. A wedding is not about how much you spend or how much your family is worth, it’s about the beauty of starting a path of love and family for a better future. it’s about bringing two families that you respect and love under one tree. Hope it works out and i wish them lots of Mazal, Happiness and Health