Netflix’s new show “The Crown” is its most expensive series ever (and we can see why): VIDEO

Netflix released a new trailer for its latest original series “The Crown,” and predictably (based on its rather regal title), the show cost quite a bit of money to produce. In fact, reports suggest that it might be the streaming service’s most expensive show to date, costing them an estimated $156 million.

Watch the trailer (above) and it becomes clear what the money was spent on. Charting the early days of Queen Elizabeth II (played by Claire Foy), the show tackles the struggles the new monarch had in establishing herself in a man’s world. Everyone is decked out in furs, crowns and gowns, and all of the action takes place in bejeweled castles that could not have been cheap to rent.  In addition to Foy, John Lithgow stars as Winston Churchill and Matt Smith (a former Doctor Who) plays Prince Phillip.

The show seems to paint Elizabeth as a fairly sassy monarch (“Are you my wife or my queen?” Phillip asks her in the trailer. “I am both, and a strong man would be able to kneel to both!”), so it should be good fodder for those who enjoy watching a confident lady take on the patriarchy. It premieres November 4th on Netflix.