Dog days are over at the Met

If you’ve spent any time near the Metropolitan Museum of Art recently, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that perhaps the museum is home to more hot dog carts than art.

But according to the New York Post, the hot-dog vendor situation outside of the Met is very much under control.

The CEO of the museum, Thomas Campbell, explained during a luncheon for the Central Park Conservancy’s Women’s Committee on Monday that the vendor epidemic started following the completion of the David H. Koch Plaza.

“Just as we were finishing, all these hot-dog stands multiplied out of nowhere,” Campbell told ABC’s Deborah Roberts at the Mandarin Oriental. “At the peak, we had about 25 or 30 of them. It was like a wall, you couldn’t get to a taxi. Some people liked it because . . . it was very lively. But the smell was blowing in . . . Now there’s a limitation on the number and there’s eight at the corners of the blocks, and it’s much more manageable. We’ve got a good, happy medium.” [Page Six]