Art Basel may be less crowded this year due to Zika fears


Pouring rain wasn’t enough to keep New Yorkers (and lots of other people) away from Art Basel last year — but the threat of the Zika virus this year sure might.

“You won’t be seeing any pregnant women in Miami this year, and lots of young women who are planning to start a family won’t be there either,” one regular of the festival told Page Six.

Apparently, hotel room reservations are down in Miami this year compared to last year, and the famous Fontainebleau is suffering its worse three week period in 15 years.

Some famous names who will definitely be attending the festival despite the virus? Adrien Brody, Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sylvester Stallone, Jay Z and Beyoncé.

In fact, many insiders believe that the art world will turn out no matter what, because as the Post puts it, art people are “older, gayer and less prone to breeding” than the general population.

The co-owner of Art Miami sniffed, “Art buyers are a different demographic than the families who are going to Disney World.” [Page Six]