The last bastion of sartorial perfection bows to “athleisure”

When you think Savile Row, you think high-arm holes and centuries of tradition. You think of suits that cost an arm and a leg. You might think about how many of the suits made on that London street are endorsed by royalty. But even storied Savile Row it seems cannot seem to resist the filthy luchre that’s to be churning out “athleisure.”

Stowers London, a shop on Savile Row, recently created a $780 pair of bespoke “sports trousers” for a 31-year-old London stockbroker.

And they aren’t the only revered tailoring house that’s making high-fashion workout clothes, according to the Wall Street Journal. Stowers has started selling tracksuits for $1,000, Davies & Son is making a $6,600 bicycling suit and Richard James has a bespoke wool and cashmere hooded bomber jacket for about $900.

“We wanted to show them our versatility,” master tailor Andrew Ramroop at tailor Maurice Sedwell tells the Journal. Maurice Sedwell has started hanging bespoke driving jackets around the showroom that the Journal describes as looking “like they might be found hanging in the mall.”

“Everybody probably has a pair of tracksuit bottoms,” Stowers’ owner Ray Stowers, a 35-year veteran of Savile Row, added. “Why not buy a pair that is decent?”

Love it or hate, be sure that LLNYC cover star is working up a sweat about it. In our recent profile, Gunn told LLNYC that athleisure “just seems repugnant. How many people are buying a pair of $1,200 sweat pants? The only thing dumber than designing $1,200 sweatpants is buying them.”

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