Danny Meyer has actually found a purpose for the Apple watch


Until now, no one really knew what the point of an Apple watch was. After all, it can’t really do anything that your phone can’t do and it looks a lot uglier.

But now, restauranteur Danny Meyer has just introduced a novel purpose for the clunky device. He announced yesterday that at the newly-opened Union Square Café, every floor manager and sommelier will be wearing them to receive buzzing alerts like when a VIP walks in or a new table is seated or someone wants a recommendation on a new wine. We guess if a food critic comes, the thing just explodes.

All of this will be controlled from the ResyOS in the front of the restaurant, which will also allow guests to pay their portion of a check individually without having to wait for everyone else, and to text the restaurant if you’re running late.

The future is here, folks. Too bad it’s just so damn ugly. [Eater]