Grumpy Cat is coming to Broadway! And starring in — you guessed it — “Cats”

It may feel like “Cats” has been on Broadway literally forever, but the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical is still finding ways to shake things up.

According to Theater Mania, the most adorable curmudgeon on the Internet, Grumpy Cat, will be starring in the musical for one night only tomorrow night. “Being selected as the first real cat to perform in Cats on Broadway is an honor. I hate it,” Grumpy Cat said in a statement. “If I’m really being honest, I’d prefer to play the Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera.” Meow.

Though there’s no word on what exactly GC’s role in the musical will be, we can assume it will involve a lot of frowning and just general displeasure with the stars and everyone in the audience.

“Cats” recently returned to Broadway in August of this year; it had been closed since 2000, when it was one of the longest-running musicals in history, with an 18-year run. Grumpy Cat is the first actual cat to appear in the musical, but somehow, we don’t think he’s feeling too much pressure.

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