Two feuding Tribeca neighbors told to grow up and close their blinds

A judge in an ongoing lawsuit between two feuding Tribeca neighbors has a suggestion for both of them: Close your blinds.

Richard Miele and Suellen Epstein are neighbors at the luxury loft building 9 Murray Street in Tribeca, and ever since Miele moved in 2014, the two have been arguing about the amount of light the other shines into their respective apartments.

According to the lawsuit, long-time resident Epstein first complained about the light from Miele’s 50-inch television, and asked that he close his blinds every time he watches TV. Miele did not want to do that, but claims he offered to purchase Epstein remote-control blinds for her apartment so that she could easily close her blinds if his TV was bothering him. Then things got worse.

According to Miele, Epstein retaliated against him by shining spotlights and later strobe lights directly into his apartment. Miele claims she even put them on a timer when she went on vacation.

The Daily Mail reports that in a preliminary hearing, the judge in the case looked at the facts and came to the most-obvious conclusion: “In the interest of justice… both parties are directed to install shades and/or draw their shades down during the evening hours.”

Ironically, the listing for Miele’s apartment (which has a price of $8,000-a-month), notes that the apartment has “Incredible Light.” Oh little did they know. [Daily Mail]