When he isn’t riding his motorcycle half blind, rapper Fetty Wap is modeling haute couture

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If you live in certain parts of Brooklyn (or Queens, the Bronx and maybe even Manhattan) you can’t escape the music of rapper Fetty Wap. Love it or hate it, it is omnipresent, billowing from souped-up car stereos from Bed Stuy to Bay Ridge.

But Mr. Wap first came onto our radar after standing LLNYC up at a fashion shoot on the Upper West Side. After waiting for more than two hours with a crew of uber-hip stylists and photographers on a custom set made of balloons, someone got a call from Fetty saying he wasn’t coming. Apparently his leg was hurting, following a recent motorcycle crash. After that, it was like learning a new word, we were seeing him everywhere.

We heard him preforming. We saw him modeling. He introduced us to his stove. Now we have run into the “Trap Queen” artist once again, making outrageous comments in the pages of GQ.

Here are the fashionable rapper’s most eye-catching comments from the interview.

He has multiple girlfriends and he doesn’t care who knows it.

“I know it ain’t right in y’all’s eyes. But I love two different personalities & I’m living my life and getting this money so fuck how ya feel.”

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He is blind in one eye and already nearly died riding his motorcycle once, but he’s a ride or die kinda guy.

“I’m pretty blind, you know?” he tells GQ, adding that he can’t wear a helmet. “One bad thing is that with my left eye, helmets block my vision completely.” He adds, “Just because you fall doesn’t mean you stop. You just learn from your mistakes. Now I’m nice.”

He doesn’t care about being known for making songs that are you know…full length. He is fine with just making killer hooks.

“A good hook means good music. If I’m the boy who makes good hooks, I guess I’m the boy everybody has to go to.” [GQ]