A luxury hotel in France hired falcons to take down peeping drones

The protector of the realm

Perhaps the Secret Service should take note: the one percent’s newest security measure is …. falcons?

Last weekend, two billionaires heirs — Colby Jordan and Alberto Mugrabi — were wed in a lavish, over-the-top and generally absurd ceremony at the Hôtel du Cap Eden-Roc in the French Riviera.

The event attracted a whole slew of celebrities including Karly Kloss and some very powerful people like Aby Rosen. As a result, the bride’s father — John W. “Jay” Jordan — warned all guests in advance that the wedding would be “an armed camp . . . armed and prepared for any eventuality.”

Apparently, part of that armed plan included hiring 13 falcons — the bird, not a military group — to patrol for drones that were potentially flying about and taking pictures of the events. One source told Page Six: “The falcons are trained to take down drones in midair, without injury to themselves.”

Now that sounds like an impressive bird. [Page Six]