Israeli Prime Minister donned a mask and attended “Sleep No More”

Sleep No More
Sleep No More

It’s not every day that a well-known political figure can kick back and be entertained while remaining anonymous. Yet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly did just that at a “Sleep No More” performance. The immersive theater event requires attendees to don masks to hide their identity and that seems to have worked out well for the foreign leader. Once part of the crowd, ticket holders are free to wander about the six-floor venue at their leisure and become figurative “phantoms of the opera.”

According to Page Six, Netanyahu was seen running around and even “diverting his security detail as he got caught up in the show . . .” He was later “found by his guards at the rooftop bar Gallow Green late in the evening.” So much for keeping it on the down low.

It appears he was in good company: Adele was also reported to be at the same show, clad behind a mask.

Though it may seem surprising that the prime minister stopped by the immersive theater experience, it does make sense why he was drawn to a masked performance considering he was reportedly booed the night before at a Hamilton performance. [Page Six]