Madonna’s saga with her UWS co-op board continues

One West 64th Street and Madonna (photo credit: Chris Weger)

You can’t mess with this Rebel Heart. Madonna’s saga with her co-op board at One West 64th Street continues after the pop star’s lawyer filed court papers on Friday that allege the board specially amended residents’ leases to prevent her from using the apartment the way she intended.

Madonna started the lawsuit in April when the co-op board tried to enforce an amendment to residents’ leases that only allows owner’s children or domestic employees to be in the unit when that owner is “in residence.” They are interpreting this to mean that Madonna — who travels all over the world to tour — cannot leave her children in the apartment with their nanny when she is not physically present (not to mention leave her 17-year-old, Lourdes, alone in the apartment).

This amendment to the lease was added in 2014, and Madonna’s lawyers allege that it was “specifically intended to prevent her from utilizing Unit 7A in the manner that she intended and originally expected when she purchased the apartment and thereafter, and now intends to use it.”

Madonna purchased unit 7A in the co-op at One West 64th Street (also known as Harperley Hall) in 2008 for $7.35 million, according to city records.

In her affidavit, Madonna notes, “At that time I was, and still am, a world-known performing artist. At that time, One West knew or should have known that I traveled extensively and owned other residences. One West knew that I would not be physically present in Unit 7A at all times.”

This is not Madonna’s first real estate dispute. The pop star was famously rejected from the San Remo in 1985, and since then has run into problems with neighbors for doing things like placing illegal placards around her Upper East Side townhouse and paying incredibly low taxes on land adjacent to her Southampton property.

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    Queen of music and the Universe

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    As far as I know, she does not live there anymore. Didn’t she move out of that building in 2014 ?

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