Hang onto your pearls: a recent poll shows millennial Republications still dress conservatively

With the election just a month away, political fashion is the talk of the town. It seems everyone has something to say about Hillary’s pantsuits  or Trump’s colorful ties. But how are these candidates’ youngest supporters dressing? YouGov, a global research company, took a poll and collected 200,000 survey responses designed to analyze the sartorial preferences of millennial Democrats and Republicans.

No shocker here: the poll found that young Democrats were far more liberal in their fashion choices than their millennial GOP counterparts. While young Democrats favored the latest trends in fashion design, Republican tenderfoots tended toward wearing classic cuts and preppy designs.

 “The way we dress is the fastest, easiest, most frequently presented outlet for people to understand who we are [and] how to treat us,” Dr. Anna Akbari, founder of Sociology of Style, told the Guardian.

While trendy Democrats preferred brands such as Vans, Uniqlo and Calvin Klein, the more conservative Republicans leaned towards Clarks, Ralph Lauren and Walmart brand Faded Glory (the name itself what would seem an unintended zing.)

“If you look at any of our photos, everyone kind of looks the same, it doesn’t matter if you’re African American or if you’re from the Orient or Asia,” concurs Matt McCarrick, campaign chairman for the New York State Young Republicans. Adding, “I think we try to buy more American than foreign.” [Guardian]