Rich Kid of Instagram heckles maid in disturbing video

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Dubbed the leader of the “snap pack” by the New York Times, fashion designer Andrew Warren, 23, has become a fixture of social media for a subset of young, rich and flashy New Yorkers. In every society blog, Hamptons party photo, or Downtown restaurant selfie, there is Warren with his posse of lascivious debutants.

He is frequently Instagrammed with Kyra Kennedy, Tiffany Trump and Gaia Matisse, sporting duck lips and revealing designer duds. It looks like he is living the dream, and that lifestyle has earned him scores of fans on social media. But the self-assured party boy’s latest social media lark has taken a dark turn.

Over the weekend, Warren posted a video on Instagram that that appears to show him mercilessly harassing his camera-shy housekeeper, Lita. [Update: Warren has since deleted the video from Instagram. Here is a version of the original video without the original audio]

Set to the Justin Beiber song “What Do You Mean?”, the video shows an elderly woman ironing a large pair of white underwear. Realizing that she is being filmed, she cowers and covers her faces. We see the same scenario play out several times in the montage: Warren walks into the housekeeper’s workspace, video rolling, and the housekeeper desperately attempts to protect her privacy. At one point, Warren can be seen yanking a cloth away from the woman’s face, forcing the woman to appear on camera. Frankly, it looks humiliating even if it is some kind of harmless inside joke.

Another disturbing moment occurs when Warren grabs a steaming iron and raises it up over the woman’s head as she attempts to hide from the camera. The video then cuts, so we never see what he does with the iron – for the record it doesn’t look like he is attempting to physically abuse her.

The playfulness of the Justin Beiber soundtrack somehow makes the video of what looks very much like a rich kid abusing his domestic (even if he isn’t) all the more disturbing. It feels like a sick joke.

Warren also created an Instagram account for Lita. “You’re favorite housekeeper finally has an insta!” he writes.


There is only one picture on that Instagram account – a picture of the housekeeper portrayed as a dog, using a Snapchat face filter. However, Warren does write that “THIS INSTA IS LITA APPROVED” So maybe she was in on it the whole time. We’ll have to take his word for it.

So far the video has been viewed more than 10,000 times and many of the commenters don’t seem to have any problem with what they see. Warren has not yet returned LLNYC’s request for comment.

“Yessssss” askiff writes. “I’m crying” toasterovengirl adds. “Ahhhhhaha yes! This made my day! Go Lita babe” alexjfunk adds.

Still, some were quick to point out that, at the very least, this video is in poor taste. “This is so patronizing,” mowo33 writes.

And Instagram user gtfo.xoxo wrote:

“Im sure this was created just for the purpose of harmless fun and i hate to be THAT person but does Lita have any knowledge of this? She may be your housekeeper who’s on your payroll but she’s human; she has rights (kinda dramatic but true). I’m sure she loves you very much but you’re violating her privacy if this account doesn’t have Lita’s approval. If you have her permission, by all means disregard this comment. That seems unlikely tho since it shows she hates being on the spotlight (online, at least) as she hates being recorded/photographed in your snaps. It’s one thing to post about your own life; it’s another thing to post about others’. Maybe it’s best to keep this account private for you and your friends? Just something to think about… Wishing you guys all the best. xx”

This isn’t the first time social media has got Warren into trouble. A New York Magazine article titled, “I’m Being Cyberbullied on Instagram by a Kennedy” accuses Warren and Kyra Kennedy of cyber-bulling her for a post she wrote, regarding a New York Times piece about the “Snap Pack.”

A screen shot of Warren's messages to the New York Magazine reporter (via NY Mag)
A screen shot of Warren’s messages to the New York Magazine reporter (via NY Mag)

In that Times piece, Warren is quoted as saying, ”I like to take photos, but I’m not a bad person. I’ve had a cancer patient D.M. me on Instagram and say, ‘Your Instagram snaps give me hope.’ She said I inspire her and I make her want to keep going every day so she can have a fun life.”

We aren’t sure we want to know who this video inspires.