There is actually a mirror that tells you what’s wrong with your face (and how to fix it)

Photo credit: Panasonic
Photo credit: Panasonic

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought that something was not quite right with your face, but you weren’t sure how to fix it? Would you like someone else — a disembodied, soulless robot, to be precise — to tell you exactly what it is that’s wrong?

Yes? Well, apparently, top people at Panasonic actually believe there is a market for this type of thing, and so they invented a “smart mirror” that can take a photo of your face and then point out to you all of your flaws (which you figured no one noticed). The mirror premiered at CEATEC this week.

But wait, there’s more! Not only does the mirror tell you exactly what’s wrong with you, but it sends that data to a 3D printer that will — no joke — then print out the exact makeup you need to fix your problem. Of course, applying that makeup is not exactly seamless, and feels like applying a temporary tattoo (and looks about as good).

So for now, it looks like this technology is a ways away from actually being used. Personally, we prefer to live in our current, happy realities where mirrors are seen and not heard. [NYMag]