These architects turned a luxury home into a “giant toy box”

Matt and Sophie White
Matt and Sophie White (photo credit: Channel 4)

British architects Matt and Sophie White bought a £750,000 (roughly $969,640) gamekeeper’s lodge in Sussex and transformed it into the ultimate family fun house ultimately spending £840,000 ($1,086,288.00) in total on the masterpiece (the potential air of entitlement the kid’s could potentially develop? Priceless).

The Daily Mail reports that not only did the proud papa design a giant steel-framed, timber-clad barn to attach to the original property, he also filled it with hidden bookshelves, secret passages, a colorful spiral staircase and a fireman’s pole. And let’s not forget the family theatre room and the “James Bond” snug room in the roof for stargazing

This “giant toy box” was the ultimate gift for his three children, who now each have “a den room above their bedroom which they can get to from a ladder and slide down from via a fireman’s pole,” explains the doting dad.

While initially the home looks all business, White explains, “It looks very grown up but look closely and the silliest [sic] starts to emerge.”

While this may seem an outlandish endeavor, the Whites’ previous London home also included many kid-centric, over-the-top bells and whistles.

The wacky domicile was featured on UK tv show “Grand Designs”, a video clip of which can be viewed here:

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