Live with a British CEO in the West Village for just $1 per month

Rupert Hunt and his West Village apartment
Rupert Hunt and his West Village apartment

Rupert Hunt, the CEO and founder of roommate site, has up and moved his company stateside. And how better to demonstrate the success of his website, than by using it himself.

Hunt is searching for two roommates on the SpareRoom site, to share his $8 million, three-bedroom West Village apartment… for just $1 per month for six months.

The 3,400-square-foot, three-bed loft on Bleecker Street boasts a huge living space and a 1,500-square-foot roof terrace with views of the Manhattan skyline.


Hunt is kicking off his search with his own listing on SpareRoom, including a video so potential roommates can get a better idea of what he’s looking for and whether it might be a mutual fit. He’ll choose several people to meet face-to-face, as well as attend one of SpareRoom’s SpeedRoommating events.

“I think my dream roommate would be someone whose company I love but who also has their own thing going on. The best roommate experiences are always those where everyone has different circles that all meet in the middle and bring something new to each other.” Hunt said to LLNYC.

As for his idea of a roommate from hell? “Hell is a bit strong but, like for most people, the friction tends to happen over relatively trivial domestic stuff. My real bugbear is housemates who leave their dirty dishes for you to do but, when they wash up, only do their own.” he explained.