The nursery school Prince William and Prince Harry attended is coming to the UES

The school at 7 East 96th Street.

Attention, Upper East Siders. A new private nursery is poised to become the most exclusive, elite and snobby school in the whole neighborhood. And as anyone who loves “Gossip Girl” knows, that is saying something.

For all parents who want their kids to grow up with British manners (if not British accents), the London-based Wetherby School is opening next year at 7 East 96th Street. Wetherby is the same school that the princes William and Harry attended as wee lads, and it will provide students with rigorous programming, including teaching them to read and write in nursery school (hello, Harvard!).

The school will draw from its British roots, separating  students into Houses à la Harry Potter, as well as having them engage in a “politeness challenge,”  during which students must shake the hands of their bus driver and say hello to their cafeteria ladies. Maybe Prince George needs to attend soon, ahem.

Unlike the London school, the New York one will be co-ed, have a competitive admissions process (obviously), and will also not offer financial aid — at least for the first year. Now that, if nothing else is a surefire way to ensure that only the best little boys and girls attend the school: tuition costs a whopping $45,500-a-year. [WSJ]