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The Rose Reading Room at the New York Public Library has reopened after a $12M renovation

You can once again tap on your laptop (or, you know, read a book) in the New York Public Library’s beautiful Rose Reading Room — without having to fear that a piece of plaster will fall on your head.

The famous room, located in the 42nd Street location, has been closed since 2014, when a rosette fell from ceiling and crashed onto the floor. Originally, the room was only meant to be closed for two weeks, but that turned into two years. After $12 million worth of renovations to the ceiling, lighting fixtures and the mural in the Blass Room, the library officially re-opened the room to the public this morning.

A select group of Instagram influencers were allowed into the room yesterday for a sneak peek. Take a look at their pictures below and let us know if you think the restorations were successful. Is the room as beautiful as it used to be? Or even possibly more so?

Just take a look #nyplreadingroom || #🖖🏿

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