In Spain, yoga on horseback is the latest bizarre health craze


What will they think of next? As if yogic balancing isn’t hard enough on a stationary mat, some want to up the ante. Yoga on horseback is now a thing and not just a regular thing, but a very luxurious one. A Spanish luxury resort, La Donaira, is now offering classes in the esoteric practice.

Equestrian and yoga pro Laura Garcia teaches the technique in Spain’s hottest new eco-resort, located two hours northwest of beautiful Marbella, near Sierra de Grazalema National Park. The hotel grounds are comprised of 600 acres with 70 purebred Lusitano studs that roam freely along with eight spacious suites.

La Donaira
La Donaira

But it takes more than lots of horses to pull off this offering. Much like balancing atop an animal, finding someone qualified to teach at the equine centric-resort was no easy feat.

“It took a year and a half to find a teacher who wasn’t a bullshitter,”Manuel Rosell, La Donaira’s chief executive officer explained to Bloomberg. Clearly this guy doesn’t horse around! “You need to see the feeling between the instructor and the horses. And the connection with clients, too. People don’t have knowledge about this combination,” he continues.

Garcia gears her teaching and type of yoga to guests based on their horseriding and yoga experience, making sure it is a safe experience for all. In addition, La Donaira employs an actual horse whisperer who works with the animals from birth ensuring they are comfortable with humans. While the horses themselves had no comment on the practice, Garcia explains it “is not a question of domination, it is a magical connection with an animal that’s bigger than you.” As such, it has become a selling point for corporate retreats and middle-aged Scandanavian women alike seeking a vacation in an exotic Europe locale.

Rooms start at $280 including everything except activities. An hour-long horseback yoga session will run you about $65 per person. Giddiyap, indeed!