UES’ house of a thousand patterns finds a buyer

Bennett and Judith Weinstock via NYSD
Bennett and Judith Weinstock via NYSD

440x343Usually when someone talks about interior design we imagine rooms like bright plant-filled oases, or minimal marble chambers. That is to say, “interior design,” especially for wealthy New Yorkers, has had a bias for streamlined, open spaces for a while now. Just don’t tell that to Bennett and Judith Weinstock.

Husband and wife interior designers Bennett and Judith Weinstock recently sold their Upper East Side apartment for $2.3 million, according to public records. And the deal afforded LLNYC a look inside – boy is it anything but minimal!

The couple’s home at 53 East 66th Street has two bedrooms and two bathrooms festooned with pattern after clashing pattern. It’s enough to give all but the most hardened Upper East Siders the spins.

The “designers both have developed a loyal following of clients who seek out their comfortable and traditional interiors,” according to a 2011 NY Social Diary article. “Their home [is] a beautiful example of the kind of exquisite decorating we see less and less as times change.“

Indeed. In the kitchen count at least five loud competing patterns.

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In the bedroom around six different (but complementary) patterns are on display.



The whole thing comes off as what we might describe as “Precious Moments” chic. We can’t help but wonder though if the buyer — the Gabriel J. Polsky Trust – is planning a significant renovation.
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