Ivana Trump, Kerry Kennedy attended the Lifeline New York Annual Luncheon: PHOTOS

Ivana Trump, Crown Prince Alexander, Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia (photo credit:Sean Zanni/PMC)

On Wednesday afternoon, prominent members of New York society headed to Le Cirque  to celebrate the sixth annual Lifeline New York Annual Luncheon, which raised money for pediatric cancer care in Serbia. Hosted by Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia, the event kicked off with a cocktail hour, and moved on to a lunch of sea bass and goat cheese salad.

Dr. Karen Burke Goulandris, Richard and Donna Soloway (photo credit: Sean Zanni/PMC)

During lunch, guests were treated to an operatic performance by Nevena Pavlovic, soloist at the Serbian National Opera Theater, as well as speeches by the royals and doctors Hedvig Hricak and Leslie Lehmann, who were recognized for their charity work. Guests could bid on items from the silent auction, which included a signed poster of Novak Djokovic and gifts from Le Cirque and Tiffany.

Kyle Wool, Robert Dudley, Christie Leslie, Ilaria Coletto, Arynn Boone (photo credit: Sean Zanni/PMC)

Notable guests of the event included Consul General of Serbia Mrs Mirjana Zivkovic, Lady Lully Gibbons, Ambassador Nancy Brinker, Kerry Kennedy, Ivana Trump, Kelly Bensimon, Dr. Ruth, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, Jean Shafiroff, Kamie Lightburn, Dale Noelle, Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, Thomas James “Tommy” Tune, and Lucia Hwong-Gordon.

Ivana Trump, Prince Dimitri (photo credit: Sean Zanni/PMC)
Luann De Lesseps, Cheri Kaufman, David Hryck, Kelly Killoren Bensimon (photo credit: Sean Zanni/PMC)
Laurance Kaiser IV, Susan Gutfreund, Adriana Ching (photo credit: Sean Zanni/PMC)
Dr. Ruth and Tommy Tune (photo credit: Sean Zanni/PMC)
Karen Sadock, Betty Roumeliotis (photo credit: Sean Zanni/PMC)
Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia, Nevena Pavlovic (photo credit: Sean Zanni/PMC)
Suzan Kremer, Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, Dale Noelle (photo credit: Sean Zanni/PMC)
Kerry Kennedy, Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia, Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia (photo credit: Sean Zanni/PMC)
(photo credit: Sean Zanni/PMC)
(photo credit: Sean Zanni/PMC)
(photo credit: Sean Zanni/PMC)
Dr. Karen Burke Goulandris, Richard Soloway, Donna Soloway, Ivana Trump, Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia (photo credit: Sean Zanni/PMC)
Karen Klopp, Janna Bullock (photo credit: Sean Zanni/PMC)