We ain’t saying you’re a gold digger… but now’s your chance to snag a billionaire


Get ready to swipe right. Forbes just released its list of the most eligible Forbes 400 members to highlight the best options for marrying filthy rich. This year, the publication the entry requirement was $1.7 billion.

Sadly though, as in all things high-end, it comes down to supply and demand, and there just isn’t much of a supply.

Of the 400 richest billionaires in the U.S., just 70 are technically single — the means about 17.5 percent have either never been married, are divorced or are widowed. Interestingly at least three members of the elite group have been divorced from the same former spouse twice.

Larry Ellison
Larry Ellison (image via: Oracle Corporate Communications )

Other stats of which to take note: there are 51 men versus just 19 women, and the average age of the eligible singles is 68. For those hoping to snag a hottie under 40, there are just seven options, with the youngest bachelor being Bobby Murphy, Snapchat co-founder, who is just 27 years old.

The top 15 include Larry Ellison worth $49.3 billion, Segrey Brin with a net worth of $37.5 billion, Elon Musk worth $11.6 billion and Steve Jobs’ widow Lauren Powell Jobs worth $17.7 billion. [Forbes]