Spirit of Trump family haunts this Queens cemetery


While we were busy touring where the Trump’s lived in this life, Esquire was instead taking a tour of where they live in the afterlife: The Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery.

The Queens cemetery is the final resting spot of Donald’s grandparents (Fred and Elizabeth), his parents (Fred Sr. and Mary), and his eldest brother, Fred Jr.

Trump gravestone (Image Credit : Judy B via Find A Grave)
Trump gravestone (Image Credit : Judy B via Find A Grave)

The author’s curiosity was piqued by both the seemingly progressive and inclusive sounding name of the resting spot — Donald’s father, Fred Christ Trump Sr. marched in a Ku Klux Klan parade in 1927 and was sued by the Justice Department for racial discrimination in 1973 — as well as the unassuming tomb stone shared by the family members.

“I was surprised to see such a modest—and crowded—grave for the forbears of a – man who lives like King Tut,” wrote Nell Scovell, “Had Donald not upgraded the three generations to a gold-leafed tomb? Or was he building that just for himself?”

So naturally, Scovell rode the M train to the end of the line in Middle Village, Queens and went on a search for the Trumps’ graves.

The cemetery’s website notes that tours are available for graves of historic and cultural significance, and that they are available for the public to view.

However,the grounds keeper refused to tell Scovell to location of the grave. He then threatened to call the police for “trespassing.” After identifying herself as a journalist, he added that he didn’t like her kind.

Scovell left, having found nothing but bad attitude, evasive behavior, and a false sense of superiority. Almost as if she’d been searching for The Donald himself. [Esquire]

  • KT

    I am hurt by Nell Scovell’s article; my family is buried in this cemetery. I am sorry that the appearance of land didn’t meet her expectactions however these plots were bought – at the very least – between 100-150 years ago. I have a great-great-great uncle who fought for the Union in the Civil War that is buried there. He was 14 years old when he enlisted in the US Army to fight. I have many relatives that fought in World War I and World War II that are buried there, along with their spouses. What is so bad about that? The cemetery is filled with Americans living American lives and serving America in the best way that they knew how. It is a beautiful and hallowed place. Nell Scovell is a disgrace.

  • You can tell by this article, that Nell is obviously a Liberal and is jealous of the Trump family. Her opinion means nothing to me. It is pitiful how desperate these Liberal journalists try to find anything negative to write about our President. I am proud that we finally have a REAL, LEGAL, AMERICAN PATRIOT for our president instead of the ILLEGAL, MARXIST, MUSLIM,TERRORIST USURPER, that we have had to endure for eight years! God bless President Trump! God bless America.

  • KT

    It is interesting to see the many ways in which this online article has been edited since its original publication…