Just in time for Halloween, a new room is discovered in this haunted California house


If the election hasn’t thoroughly creeped you out enough this Halloween season, why not try visiting this insane and possibly haunted mansion instead?

The Winchester House in San Jose, California was already one of the weirdest houses in the country, and now, local news stations are reporting that a new room in the house has been discovered (bringing the total number of known rooms to 161).

The house was built by Sarah Winchester, heiress to the Winchester rifle fortune. She started building it in 1884, and did so entirely without any plans or blueprints. According to the Winchester website, she held a nightly séance and would report back to her foreman in the morning about what new rooms she wanted to build to protect her from “bad spirits” (hence why it is known as the house “built by the spirits”). The room that was found was reportedly one of the many that she closed off after the 1906 earthquake.

The home has an incredible number of strange features, such as upside down columns, stairs that lead to ceilings, doors that open to brick walls, chimneys that do not reach the roof and a staircase that descends seven steps and then rises eleven. According to legend, Winchester felt that the confusing arrangements would lead spirits astray. That, however, does not seem to have entirely worked as many people (including Winchester) have reported seeing spirits of those killed by Winchester rifles in the house.

Honestly, there are so many amazing facts about this house we can tell you, but the best way to learn about it may very well be to visit; the house is open to the public and on Halloween, they’re offering candlelit tours.

And if a visit to California isn’t plausible, you can always wait for the movie; Helen Mirren and Jason Clarke are set to star in a feature film about Winchester and the house.