Facing a Trump presidency, Spy Magazine rises from its grave

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Long before Donald Trump was the easiest target in the room, before his unsettlingly successful campaign for president, before he told Billy Bush to “grab the pussy,” Spy Magazine had the Donald’s number. For over a decades the magazine, founded by Kurt Andersen and Graydon Carter, mercilessly lampooned “the short-fingered vulgarian.”

They also obsessively mocked Trump’s numerous threats to run for president. Hungry for fuel for their gossip pyre, Spy taunted Trump, daring him to run.

“Please God, let him run. If Donald runs for president, God, we promise we will never make fun of the pope again. Or Pat Robertson. Well, the pope, anyway,” a cheeky columnist wrote in a 1989 issue of Spy.

Well, the got what they wished for –and a whole lot more we reckon. So, with the election less than a month away and Trump posing a real threat, it only seems fair that Anderson and Carter finish what they started. And by Jove they are!

“I’m very pleased that Esquire has decided to produce an online pop-up SPY during the last thirty days of the presidential campaign,” Anderson wrote today on Esquire’s website. “It has my whole-hearted best wishes. And it’s also a nice serendipity that this October will mark the magazine’s thirtieth anniversary. It’s as if SPY, a retired superhero, is making a brief but necessary comeback.”

We are looking forward to devouring the new Spy, but in the meantime we thought we would bring you a look back at some of Spy’s greatest Trump-centric hits. Enjoy!

Way back in 1988, Trump fans were already clamoring to vote for the small-fingered demagogue. So Spy went to the pols.


Trump has managed to insult about every race, gender and species on planet earth during his campaign. But we should remember that Trump’s views on race have always been exquisitely redneck. Here he is in 1989 going off on “black privilege.”

Spy Dec 89 pt 2

Spy also went after Ivana…

Spy May 89


…and Trump’s bathroom habits.

Spy May 1988

There was also that time they caught Trump with popcorn lodged in his hair.

Spy Dec 1989

Nothing was more laughable than Trump playing architecture critic.

Spy May 88 2

Spy went shopping in Trump Tower…


…and captioned photos…


…and pissed off readers.


And finally, here is where they started it all, coining the “short-fingered vulgarian” label Trump can’t seem to shake to this day.