Henry Goldman’s 1928 Rolls Royce hits the auction block

A Phantom 1 Springfield Brewster Lonsdale limousine
A Phantom 1 Springfield Brewster Lonsdale limousine (image credit: http://www.conceptcarz.com/)

Here’s your chance to live like an old timey one percenter. The Rolls Royce that Henry Goldman bought the day after Goldman Sachs Trading opened can be yours for $150,000. The Phantom 1 Springfield Brewster Lonsdale limousine is being sold via via Pete Siegel, who owns a high-end collectibles show on 57th Street in New York, according to Bloomberg.

The best thing about the Rolls is that it is in pristine condition and actually drives like a dream. Jason Roberts, its current owner and a British commercial pilot, explains, “It’s enormously powerful. It’s very heavy. It’s very old fashioned. You have to anticipate your braking very carefully. But once you get used to the car’s performance, it’s actually quite sprightly to drive. It’s very fast.”

In fact it has a 50-horsepower engine, with a three-speed manual transmission and a two-axle, rigid body. Top speed for these models at the time clocked at nearly 90 miles per hour.

Roberts bought the repainted and overhauled vehicle just seven years ago for $57,000 at today’s exchange rate, so he could stand to make a hefty profit by returning it to the U.S. The historic automobile comes with all original papers documenting its rich history throughout the years.

One lucky buyer will get to drive off in a piece of history — one that a former owner noted has doors which “are substantial, close with a lovely thunk.” [Bloomberg]