Kate Middleton graces normal humans on commercial flight

Royals, they’re just like us! Well at least Kate Middleton (kind of) is.

She of the magical mermaid hair, otherwise known as Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge, does occasionally enjoy swooping down and mingling among us commoners. And yesterday, she decided to surprise some very, very, very lucky passengers taking a British Airways flight from Rotterdam back to the UK when she unexpectedly showed up and boarded the flight with them. In other words, the duchess actually flew commercial.

This was Kate’s first solo tour abroad, meaning she did not take William or her little ones with her, so perhaps she figured she would use the opportunity to remind herself of her pre-royal days when she could cram into an uncomfortable seat just like everyone else (her commoner mother was actually a flight attendant) .

Of course, her flight was not exactly typical: when passengers caught a glimpse of Kate, they scrambled to take out their phones and document her appearance and one source told the Daily Mail he had ”never seen so many iPhones pop up at once.”