Trump’s brand is officially a sinking ship

Would-be Generalissimo Donald Trump is a brand man. At this point, everyone knows that the few billions he has were made slapping his name on products and buildings – not creating them (mostly). That means that Trump’s wealth lives and dies by the prestige of his brand in the eyes of consumers. And as you might have guessed, for most American consumers, there is precious little prestige left in the Trump brand indeed.

Most recently, Trumps vulgar comments with Billy Bush have sent his brand into free fall, according to the Wall Street Journal. A new study by brand research firm Brand Keys found that Trump’s admitted fondness for surprising beautiful women with kisses and an occasional pussy grab had “negatively affected” his brand. The Brand Keys poll of 1,536 registered voters across the country.

The perceived added value in TV and entertainment – Trump’s favorite medium — fell 13 percentage points as of October 9, while the value of the Trump brand dropped 8 percentage points in real estate and 6 percentage points in country clubs and golf clubs, according to Brand Keys data cited by the Journal.

“What we know for sure is that these brand engagement numbers correlate very highly with consumer behavior in the marketplace,” Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys founder and president, said. “Consumers will be distancing themselves from Trump-branded products as well.” [WSJ]