That stinks! Fancy artist demands that park worker clean dog poop off of his shoes

The offending park
The offending park

A worker at Carl Schurz Park was forced to engage in a rather stinky task when a notable artist asked she clean dog poop off of his shoes.

The New York Post reports that Christos Palios, an artist, was visiting the park where his work was being sold when he stepped in a pile of stinky poo. Rather than just … dealing with it himself like a normal human, Palios yelled for two workers to come help him. They were way too disgusted by the poo to do anything to help him, and so they called an underling.

Tasheema Chatman arrived at the scene and remembers being told by Palios, “Oh there’s poop on my shoe. That’s why I wanted you to come over here. He said, ‘I need you help me clean it.’” She continued, “He had this cocky, arrogant demeanor to himself, like this was a regular thing for him.”

Chatman leaned down and did polish his shoe, though she eventually escaped when Palio leaned over to check her work.

Palio, for one, does not regret his actions and blames Chatman for doing as he asked.

“What bothers me universally is that she had a choice just to say no, no, no,” he told the Post. “I mean, I didn’t order her. I said ‘are you sure?’ and I just thought she had helped someone else with it or, or it was no big deal.”

Ironically, on his website, Palio notes that his work “probes ideas of identity and isolation within urban, industrial, and natural spaces, seeking connection in environments mostly devoid of human figures and where only footprints remain.”

Maybe he should pay closer attention to where his own footprints are going next time.  [NY Post]

  • Kevin

    Maybe if he was a starving artist like the rest of them

    instead of a super affluent arrogant piece of shit

    he just might have cleaned his own god dammed shoes in the sink in the bathroom

    Your art and your money has gone to your head sir and i use the term loosely here

    You are a disgrace to the profession.

    Someone should rub dog shit in your face thats what you really deserve.