You can now vacation like a celeb by renting your very own paparazzi


Ever want to know what it feels like being a celeb on vacation getting spotted by the paparazzi? Well, now you can. Enter Instapaps.

No, ladies, sadly it is not a firm that sends an ob-gyn straight to your home for your yearly pelvic exam. That, at least, would be useful. Instapaps is actually something far more laughable. It’s a luxury holiday package that includes personal photographers, limo transport and stylists to recreate the ultimate celebrity travel experience.

The offering comes from luxury UK travel firm eShores, which will serve narcissistic celeb-wannabes their choices of two options. For £4,740 (roughly $5,800) a photographer will stalk you from place to place on any holiday, snapping key moments of your trip all day and all night, including a choice of filters and 20 paparazzi-style pics a day uploaded to the Instapaps Instagram account. It includes all transfers to and from airports.

For those desiring a more deluxe (read: intrusive) experience, for £8,890 (roughly $10,000) vacationers get some additional perks. Those include: a concierge, hair and makeup artist, a red carpet experience including a selection of props and floats (yes, floats!), limo transfers to and from airports and an in-depth interview used to create a personal magazine feature about one’s holiday. Think of how well that will go over as your holiday newsletter.

The director at eShores, Gavin Lapidus explains in a press release, “Our InstaPaps packages ensure you never have to worry about missing a moment of your multi centre trip. We also get a lot of inbound enquiries from Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton fans wanting a celeb-themed holiday too, so I decided to give our customers that VIP edge with our InstaPaps Deluxe package, so they can truly feel like a celeb on holiday.”

And here we thought our jerky iPhone selfies were adequate to humblebrag about our vacays… How silly we were!