David Burke’s new UES restaurant has walls of pink Himalayan sea salt

Somehow, we don’t think diners at David Burke’s new restaurant Tavern 62, are going to be asking for extra salt on their food.

The walls of the upscale eatery, which is located in the same Upper East Side townhouse of Burke’s former restaurant Fishtail, have bricks made made from pink, Himalayan sea salt. Long considered a cure for common ailments, the salt is more regularly found in spas and wellness centers (we went to check out a salt cave a while back).

We’re not completely clear on why Burke decided to use the salt in his decor for the restaurant, except, we imagine, because of the ethereal glow it emits. According to DNA Info, which took a tour of the space, other decorations in the restaurant include Burke’s own art collection and a vintage Bugatti race car model.

“We think diners will enjoy the signature touches we have woven into the concept, from our modern tavern fare to the custom artwork and top-of-the line service,” Burke said in a statement.