What a load of crap! Artist denies he made park worker clean dog poop off of his shoes


Last week we wrote about a worker at Carl Schurz Park was reportedly forced to clean dog poop off of the shoes of notable and extremely prissy artist. But now the artist, Christos Palios, has come forward to say, not so fast.

According to the New York Post, Palios said in a statement, “I politely inquired… if it would be possible for me to use the brush to quickly remove the [dog poo] from my shoe,”

“I did ask her if I could clean my shoe myself using the brush. When she declined to allow me to use the brush, we cleaned it together with the shoe off while holding it steady on the ground,” he claimed.

After his shoes were clean, he “thanked her profusely,” he said. The Post reports that he claims the two parted ways with no trouble at all.

The park worker, Tasheema Chatman, recalls the situation a little differently and says she was made to scrub the bottom of the artist’s black European bought shoes with a toilet brush. [NYP]