Thought cycling wasn’t snobby enough? Meet the bike club for Manhattan’s 1 percent


A mix between secret society and hoity-toity biker gang, “The Wednesday Club Ride” aka “Freelancers Ride” organized by high-end biking accessories brand Rapha New York started two years ago and has garnered quite the following. Comprised of mostly white-collar dudes and bros who are serious about cycling, the group takes off on hardcore 40-mile rides on humpday while other suckers are at work. That’s just how they roll.

“These guys work at high enough levels that they can decide to take off the day or the morning,” explained Rapha’s communications manager for North America, Derrick Lewis, to the New York Post.

CCNYC-Rides-1024x512The dozen or so spots fill up quick in this cycling clique, which is clearly about more than just about the sport. Men involved wheel and deal — networking and bonding over business. And it’s not enough to just pedal and keep pace in the pack, they must also look good doing so. Members all seem to be clad the uber expensive — upwards of $200 for a jersey — Rapha biking garb. (We assume it is the male biking equivalent of Lululemon.)

“The clothing is part of it,” explains one rider who works in finance. “Most cycling clothing — the bright-neon, spandex look — is pretty goofy.”

Another member, a downtown exec, explains the group’s shared sensibilities thusly, ““Here we share many passions. We care about quality things that are well-crafted.”

One caveat: novices and newbies to biking need not apply. The group prides itself on being comprised of only serious, upscale, in-shape, seasoned bikers, complete with sturdy bikes and pricey gear. Foreigners are highly desirable, as well, to enhance the group’s international vibe.

While the Wednesday Freelancers’ Ride is free, membership dues run $200 per year. The air of entitlement and exclusivity is an added bonus. [NYP]