Entertainment Studios CEO ditches condo in “racist buffoon’s” building

Byron Allen
Byron Allen via Twitter

In June, Entertainment Studios CEO Byron Allen Folks — professionally known as Byron Allen – let Donald Trump have it on social media.

The comedian turned media entrepreneur tweeted: “@realdonaldtrump, in my opinion, is a category 5 racist buffoon. It’s time for #America, the networks and advertisers to stand up against racism and FIRE @realdonaldtrump.”

In light of those feelings, it seems safe to say that the recent sale of his Trump Tower condo for $2 million is – at least in part — a political statement. Allen bought the apartment for $1.1 million in 2005, according to public records – long before he started calling trump a #racistbuffoon.

The apartment at 721 Fifth Avenue has one bedroom and one-and-a-half bathrooms, totaling 1,127 square feet.

Allen’s production company is based in Los Angeles, so this apartment may have been his pied-à-terre. His wife, Jennifer Lucas, is not listed on the deed.

Allen filed a $20 billion racial discrimination lawsuit against the FCC and Charter Communications earlier this year and settled a discrimination suit with AT&T in 2014.

He lost a $20 million bid to buy the rights to Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation, Deadline reported this year.

Allen also raised eyebrows last year when he accused President Barak Obama of being a “white president in blackface.”




  • USMC MSgt

    Well good! Donald Trump probably is celebrating the fact that this libTARD idiot, Entertainment Studios CEO Byron Allen Folks, is moving out. Maybe, when Trump is elected, the idiot will move out of the country. Good riddance!