LLNYC’s Look at Listings: A Billionaire hedge funder’s “cursed” duplex

From LLNYC’s Look at Listings: Atop One Beacon Court, located at 151 East 58th Street, you’ll find the elaborately-named unit PH5152w.

Billionaire hedge fund manager and record-breaking art collector, Steven Cohen is the owner of the spread, and it seems as though he just can’t get rid of it. Cohen snapped up the unit in 2005 for $24 million, and first listed it for $115 million back in 2013. Then the price was dropped to $98 million, then $82 million, then $79 million before it was taken off the market altogether last December. In April this year it reappeared with a $72 million price tag, and now it’s asking $67.5 million. [more]